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Fast & simple website builder with modularity at the core

Build a website within 60 seconds. No credit card required.

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Here's why we think you will love our website builder

Modular website builder


Edit any module instantly to suit your needs

What exactly are modules? Well modules are simply what you see on any website. So, an example of a module would be a header that holds a logo and navigation and maybe some content.

Putting together multiple modules makes a layout! Our editor is fully modular which means you can use any header, content piece, footer on your website.

Clean website builders


The first fully customisable website editor

33i allows you edit literally anything on your website, text, buttons, backgrounds, font-size, colour, and the list goes on! We are the first fully customisable website editor.

Cheap website builders


Pay for selected modules, or pay for unlimited modules

We have dozens and dozens of free modules but if you decide to buy a premium module, go ahead! Once you’ve purchased a module it’s yours forever!

Did we mention we also host your website for free? Yes, FREE!

Website builders with support


Receive world class support from our team

Our team consists of fantastic award winning designers and developers, so you’re in good hands!

Websites builders that require no coding

No Coding

No need to touch any HTML, CSS or JavaScript

Don't worry about having to design or code your website, our software will do that for you!

Website builders with social media

Social Media

Attach your social media profiles to your website

All appropriate modules come with the ability to add your social media accounts.

Website builders with marketing included

Lead Capture

Add your email marketing software to your website

We make it easy to add lead capture email services to your website. It's a case of copy and paste!

Website builders with unlimited pages

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages as you wish

Unlike other website builders, we don't charge for additional pages.

Responsive website builders


All our designs work across every device and platform

All our designs are responsive across all devices (tablets, mobile devices, desktop). We use custom responsive CSS to make your website work fluidly across any platform.

Fast website builders

Incredibly Fast

Built and hosted on incredibly fast technologies

Our modules are very lightweight and built with speed in mind. We don’t bloat any of our modules with auto-generated HTML or CSS, none of that! We build our designs, test them, and then release them. When released, they are released as if they weren’t built using a website builder!

Still curious? Why not view the source of one of our websites and you will see! All our websites and modules are lightning fast!

Website builders with free web hosting

Free Hosting

We host your website for free, yes...FREE!

We host your website for free so there's no need to find a web host! Build yourself a website for less than purchasing web hosting!

We’re confident that we have the most usable website builder on the market. We give you the ability to create a website within 60 seconds, yes…it’s that easy and that fast!

Best website builders

Lots More...

Release your creative side and build something great

We are confident we have built the best website builder on the market. We have extension features that we’d love you to try out! We promise you won’t ever want to use any other website builder after using ours.

There’s no need for a demo, just sign up and you’ll see how great our service is!

Create a portfolio in 60 seconds!

Here’s a quick demonstration! In the video you will see an unedited demonstration from signing up to publishing a website. You can do all this within 60 seconds—that’s right, 60 seconds.

We believe that we have the most fluid, flexible, and modular website builder on the market today. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Use your own domain name

We are incredibly proud to say we have the quickest website builder on the market! It takes 60 seconds from sign up to publication to have a live website. You can either have a sub-domain with us (example: or use your own domain (example: - either option is free to use.

Website builders with domain registration

Built with search engine optimization in mind

We fully believe that in the digital age you have to sell yourself. So, if you’ve put together a portfolio here on 33i, we want the best for your personal brand. We want to be able to shout from the rooftops about how great your services are! That’s why all our designs and development architecture are monitored by SEO experts to provide you with latest and greatest SEO techniques. Create yourself a free website using our drag and drop website builder!

SEO website builders

1 Million+ free images (Powered by Unsplash)

33i is a partner of Unsplash which means we have access to over 1 million free images! Yes you read that right; 1 million free images! There's no need to spend hundreds, if not thousands on images anymore, we have you covered with beautiful free images! Create beautiful online marketing pages with our huge database of images. Increase your online presence by standing out! Whether you're running a business website or a personal portfolio, we've got you covered!

Unlimited free stock images

Powerful analyticsComing soon!

Have you ever wondered how many people are visiting your website? Have you ever wondered how many uniques or hits your website is getting? Or how about a heatmap to see what people are doing on your website? Well look no further, we’ve been working really hard and soon you’ll be able to see all this within your 33i dashboard! No longer will you be in the dark when knowing how people are using your website, and how exactly they are using your website.

Website builders with analytics

Powering the next generation of websites

Getting away from traditionally bloated website builders is a really tough job, without six figures to spend on marketing it’s a huge task; but we are armoured up and ready to take on that challenge. We don’t want the majority of the websites online to be unpleasant, want them to be fantastic! Our tools help you put together a clean, practical, and more importantly a high quality website.

Clean HTML and CSS website builders